As a creator, I reach for that which is out of plain sight, rendering what is concealed to create a tangible embrace with the viewer.

My work draws attention to the mystery of often unnoticed, subtle membranes of life.

Color is an essential nutrient, like a vitamin for me, a vibrant vehicle applied through layering radiant washes of acrylic paint, pastels, gessos, textures, patterns, glazing mediums to convey the pulsations, felt sense of atmospheres, shadows to sublime, stillness and transitory.

The brick and mortar to my foundation and motivation inside my creative process began with cloth and thread, spinning yarns, rug weaving, & textile designs.  I studied and pursued degrees in biochemistry & nutrition, cooking, and art therapy. Through my extended practices in kundalini yoga and Seimei (Japanese healing art) I have gained greater awareness of subtle energy.

This understanding is woven into the body of what I create.